Gun Safes

For those who demand the very best...

Yew or Walnut finish gun safes, lined internally with Green flock and cloth. Made in Europe.

Security: 3mm Steel Body. Door interlocks with frame on hinge side, the closing side enters a 'U' steel section for protection against leverage. A 3 way bolting system operated by a 7 lever 'Mauer' lock with double sided key secures the door. The key hole is located under a handle. 4 reinforced holes 10mm in diameter for wall fixing; floor fixing possible. Supplied in one part.

Size: Height 55" - Width 24"- Depth 13".

Weight: 220 lb

Capacity: Maximum 7 guns + 3 shelves

If telescopic sights are fitted the rear gun space is not used and capacity is down to 6 guns. The gun fitted to rear of door may only have single or over/under barrels.